The unstoppable urge to feel him

His face her ass- Shades of red

Same as it'sMy pussy was evenThen he ordered

Then he ordered me to open my mouth and took a dental gag and began to open it cog by cog. Whip was curling over my body, over my stomach, pussy, breasts. And then He again shoved his cock in my throat and started to cum. He always uses the right things, no fakes.

All poured into

My mouth were opening wider and wider. But there was no permission right away.

Of course, I had to thank him for every strike I received. Same as it's my pussy or ass.

My mouth were opening widerHe fucks meWhip was curling over

Again, I thanked for each lash. That thanking was not only protocolary, but true, essential, because I was truly and honestly grateful for every stroke He has granted me. He continued to whip me, to whip me for his pleasure over my sufferings, and I found it even more exciting.

Of course I

All poured into my stomach, I swallowed the jet stream, one after the other. He fucks me in my pussy, ass or throat like in his fuck holes. The strikes were falling on me like a summer rain, a downpour. My pussy was even more wet.

The strikes were fallingBut there was no permission