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Dolly parton elvis presley dating

Problem is what she's known for

We are building a family life center and want to minister to the needs of people in our community. It was previously a hit for Parton and was included on her album Dolly, Dolly, Dolly.

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According to Parton, he has seen her perform only once. Every country has their huge stars.

Her efforts to preserve the bald eagle through the American Eagle Foundation's sanctuary at Dollywood earned her the Partnership Award from the U. Well done to all involved. The area is a thriving tourist attraction, drawing visitors from large parts of the Southeastern and Midwestern United States.

Hardly someone I'd like to see associated with Elvis. Parton is perhaps the most-honored female country performer of all time.

Places like Europe, China, Africa and stuff like that. In a interview, singer Connie Francis revealed that Dolly had been contacting her for years in an attempt to film the singer's life story.

Say Marilyn Monroe, but not Dolly. Places where people just don't understand country music and that's normal cos country music is pure American.

This was followed in with the National Medal of Arts, the highest honor given by the U. To finish the inside we need several thousand. While Elvis is the King for the whole wide world and that's a fact no one can argue with. This was agreat gift to Dolly Parton.

Collie, you still look good. Problem is, what she's known for is a vulgar look, her oversized hair and front, and hillbilly music that only truck drivers listen to. The deal fell through because the Colonel wanted to own the publishing rights, or something like that.

That is the best laugh i've had all day. Dolly, I will always love you. Parton went on to say that she writes something every day, be it a song or an idea.

We particularly want to minister to the youth through our building. We were able to borrow enough money to build the shell and our payment is as much as we can afford. Not one I want associated with Elvis who always had time for his fans.