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There are also social events open to non-members. Let's chat and see where the journey takes us. Take turns at picking out a cocktail to make and serve it to your partner in a fancy glass, complete with cocktail umbrella.

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My surname is Rainey but it's never a wet day in my life. We have all sorts of people, they just need to be single.

When I tried internet dating I felt that all the men on it were married. She makes sure you're wearing the right thing and that you're not too nervous. It remains a great, fun, sociable and safe way to expand your social circle and meet new people. She has a strict rule that people must be divorced or separated for at least a year before they attend the dining club. Do all the things that feel too indulgent at home, such as sipping on champagne, feeding each other chocolate coated strawberries and taking a bath together.

You do get a bit nervous before you go to the first one. Each diner is asked for feedback and to see if there was anyone who they particularly liked at the dinner. Fill the fridge and freezer with delicious treats, bring the duvet down and, with a single spoon, share these indulgences with each other. There are three people in the club who appear on the Irish Rich List and I didn't even know they were wealthy until I read it. It is a fun, sociable, easy way for single professionals, of all ages, to meet new people, try new restaurants, taste new wines and potentially find romance.