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Dating sites blackmail

This example used the image highlighted in yellow. How they get your contacts Having the images or video is only half of the process. This is very simple to do. They prey on lonely people looking to connect with someone and can often take months to develop to the point where money changes hands.

The stolen pics

The stolen pics are usually of someone very attractive and hard to resist. If the victim sends money, the scammer will find ways to keep asking for more.

After Sharma had arrived at her flat on Tuesday night, she abducted him and checked his bank account. They are more likely to wait a few weeks and then ask you for more money.

Her targets were men with considerable reputation in the society. The scammer will use screen recording software to make a video from your private cam session. The users Facebook account and details of over friends. Often organised by crime rings oversees, charities and police lines are available for help if you are a victim.

If the victim sends money the