Believe me, it gets awkward

Dating new guy valentines day

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Just something relaxed, without a lot of pressure. Expensive gifts and outings don't equal love. Don't read too much into his actions on Valentine's Day.

If you've only been together for a few weeks, an expensive present is too extravagant. He loved it and it was totally appropriate.

In my mind, this was a great way to get rid of all that confusion that I had about how the two of us were supposed to celebrate the holiday. Restaurants are insane on Valentine's Day, so maybe instead of going out for an expensive meal, you could order in and watch a movie.

He said he wanted to be her valentine a few days ago, but never brought it up after that. But here I was in the first week of February with a cool guy, but no real clear definition of what was happening. Asking is so much better than assuming you're not doing anything or assuming you are. However, despite being in the same boat as me, he somehow managed to get me candy and a card. ShutterStock Buy Him Something Small If you two decide that you're going to celebrate together, buy him something small.

Realize that in the beginning of the relationship, you might only get a heart box of candy. So basically, empty-handed me felt like the worst.

My boyfriend and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together after only about three months of dating. Sometimes girls get all caught up in the romantic-ness of V-Day and expect an elaborate dinner, and gorgeous jewelry. Or, you could go for a brunch date the next day, since it's on a Friday this year.

Obviously, this did not happen. If it's only been weeks, be careful about you approach this.

He's probably just as nervous as you are about celebrating such a lovey-dovey day with someone he just started dating. Believe me, it gets awkward.