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Roger starts a romance with Jane, Don's new hot secretary. However, they broke up in the next episode after Erin found out about Andy's history with Angela.

Roger continues to have a soft spot for Joan. As you can imagine, these never end well. The next few books focus on other characters, with Terence and Eileen making only cameo appearances.

Played for laughs when

Justifications included that at the start, neither of them dreamed that their London dalliance could become anything more than that. Their attachment was mutual and not of recent origin, and they got married when he became rich and a titled gentleman. This failed on an epic scale, as Esposito's partner, Ryan, Castle, and Beckett easily clued in. Zelda's guard Kishla however grew jealous of their bond and exposed their romance. Unusually for the trope, nobody else knew about them while it lasted.

They finally, reluctantly broke up when Leslie was given a chance to run for city counsel, knowing the scandal could destroy their careers. This trope is inverted in the second season of the show. They were outed by Pierce. They're outed when they're caught after having sex.

The plot of Love Lucky is that Fuuta has to keep his marriage with Kirari secret for one year, or her record company will force them to get a divorce. Edward Ferrars and Lucy Steele get engaged when they're just teenagers, and keep the relationship secret for four years because he would be disinherited had he married her.

Rory's roommate and friend

Dave really goes an extra mile on that one, and pretends to be really mean to her in front of their bandmates. Even when they don't know that she knows. However, seeing as she's disguised as a boy in order to become a knight, and he's the heir to the throne, they keep this under wraps. Solas actually wants to continue to hide it at first, since he wants Evelyn to get as much influence and power in the Game as possible, but she disagrees. There are hints that Cynthia is involved in a troubled relationship.

Inverted in one story of the Facing the Future Series where Danny and Sam pretend to be broken up to get a bunch of ghosts trying to separate them to back off. After getting together, Shinji and Asuka kept their relationship secret for a while until Shinji left right before the battle against Zeruel. And there was plenty of bad lying to cover up the first reveal.

It isn't revealed that she's romantically involved with him, until Chiho makes the mistake of entering Reimi's private rooftop rose garden and finds her straddling him, while they were making out. Ted Chaough has an affair with Peggy, his head writer. Unfortunately, their friends fall for the ruse too. It was a great surprise for everyone in the office. Cromwell fails to realize the Interrupted Intimacy between Helen and Rafe until sixth months after she becomes pregnant, and Rafe confesses that he's secretly married her.

Lelouch keeps his polyamorous relationship with C. Teruteru Hanamura Bisexual The character Teruteru Hanamura indiscriminately flirts with every female character he comes across. John had to conceal how he felt to make it look real and could only explain when an opportunity arose. It's handled differently in each media, though.

Rory's roommate and friend Paris dates her much older professor Asher Fleming at Yale. Played for laughs when Ranma and Akane try to pretend they were secret lovers all along. Don breaks it off when his marriage starts crumbling.