Cv dating

Cv dating

We have a great deal of experience in various industry-specific agreements and provide advice in conjunction with outsourcing of operations and functions to both companies and public authorities. In cases where we advise the procuring entities, advice is also provided in relation to all phases of the procurement.

We also handle contract structures for various forms of distribution and related questions such as competition and intellectual property law. We have expertise in all types of company law advice for boards of directors, corporate management and shareholders. We also provide day-to-day legal advice to companies and public authorities. We also have solid expertise in the law of foundations and assist our clients regularly with these types of matters.

Since our insolvency law experts are also proficient in other legal areas and various industries, they are able to evaluate the situation from a broad perspective. Regarding bids by suppliers, we also review the invitations to tender and draft questions to the procuring entity. For listed companies, questions arise in which consideration must be given to both company law as well as securities market law and generally accepted practices. We also assist our clients in finding processes and policies which address the handling of personal data under the applicable regulatory framework.

We also review the bid in order to ensure all mandatory requirements have been fulfilled. Practise Areas Our goal is always to find the best solution adapted to the specific needs of each client based upon an overall perspective. Public Procurement We frequently give legal advice in relation to public procurement issues.

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We have long and considerable experience advising both suppliers and procuring entities. We add value for the owners and their businesses and, based on the needs of the individual and the family, we assume responsibility for the totality of their legal requirements. As a result, our advice encompasses a number of legal areas and we can also access the national and international network of banks, lawyers, and accountants that we have built up over the years. Insolvency We provide advice when a business finds itself in a crisis, or wishes to avoid finding itself in financial straits. Our lawyers have different expertise and work in teams in each area.

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