The answer is the silent treatment

Conflict resolution in dating relationships

Conflict Resolution in Healthy Relationships In a healthy relationship, communication is key. Easy to say but hard to do, compromising is a major part of conflict resolution and any successful relationship.

If you argue about these things, we encourage you to take the healthy relationship quiz to see if you are really in a healthy relationship. She gives tips on how we can encourage ourselves to open up and talk to our partner about our feelings. If your partner curses at you, calls you names or ridicules you, tell them to stop. Conflict in Relationships can either make them difficult, cause them to fail, or be a blessing in disguise.

These are exploratory statements where you encourage your partner to tell a story. When you can resolve conflicts successfully, you are developing a healthy, mature relationship.

Conflict Resolution Healthy Relationships There is conflict in all relationships. If your partner seems needy, maybe they are just feeling insecure and need your encouragement. Whether in the relationship, or not. Rather than saying you understand, show that you understand. When you communicate effectively, you understand your partner better and make your relationship stronger.

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Compromise and get Chinese tonight, but Indian next time you eat out. Try to get to the heart of the matter. Open-ended questions allow you to explore your partners feelings. In a society where we dispose everything instead of fix it, conflict resolution is becoming a lost art in our culture.

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