Giving bad rep only hurts the game

Cod ghosts matchmaking preferences

Or that some of you belive that later today they will reveal a new matchmaking system. Class customisation is very good and along with the weapon customisation allows you to very much refine your classes to your preferences and playstyle. Cant answer for you, but i would in no way recommend to buy this game as it is. Fact is they have told us nothing, a vague sentence that could easily mean something different.

Anyway, point was that it's a great game, well-balanced and fun to play. It features heavy teamwork and class customisation. And yes matchmaking preferences is a good idea, they just dont have it. First and foremost, the maps are extremely good. The weapons are pretty much perfectly balanced, which is very interesting but very much the truth.

They're much largerThere are plenty of

There are plenty of Achievements for it, which do make it clear there's a fair bit of replayabiltiy in it. They're much larger and much, much more complex, which makes them far more interesting and enjoyable to play.

And actually we are way beyond having to state that our connection could be the problem. Ghosts, fire four or five shots, kill someone and be confident in that fact. Nothing is actually level restricted anymore, though Perks are free if you wait until their intended level rather than buying them early with Squad Points.

Region lock should at least be reinstated until there is a better solution. Giving bad rep only hurts the game. It's a very interesting and successful combination. Not too bad at all, interesting enough for anyone and a good way to get familiar with the game.