This model is first of its kind

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Apart from owning a custom Beetle, the rapper also owns a custom DeLorean, which has to be one of the funkiest looking celebrity cars on this list. Its owner, Jay Leno was already once on our list with a vintage Russian car. The reason why this car ended on our list is that it is pretty exclusive. The racing car was expensive, even in the times of its production, while today is one of the most precious collector items in the world. This supercar is considered to be one of the most advanced cars in the world and certainly one of the most expensive ones.

You would probably do the same if you had the opportunity. Luckily for these people, they had the funds. Some would think that eco-friendly means lacking performances, but this model proves otherwise. He owns a two-door electric car like many American celebs.

That is why its high price is not a big surprise. Buying an expensive super car, or a historical vintage model is on the bucket list of many people. In that period, the car price was less than a thousand dollars as its performances were not that good.

This model is first of its kind. Probably the most valuable item in his collection is a red Pagani Zonda. This car looks really amazing and apparently produces amazing performances, way superior than many models of its kind.

In fact, even today, there are only a couple of them in the whole of North America, making this car a true gem. Not only was the production of this car halted after just two years, but also not many of them survived the test of time.

To show the world that electric cars can be very useful, the actor purchased a Tango electric car. This time, the car in question is a sort of supercar that runs on bio-diesel. Unfortunately for him, he had to offload it to the Star Cars Museum in Hollywood, where the car is permanently exhibited.

This member of Black Eyed Peas obviously has a thing for vintage cars, but at the same time wants to enjoy the high-performance of modern-day sport cars. Dempsey owns a huge collection of cars, which is worth a couple of millions of dollars. With impressive performances comes a high price.

The famous late night show host prefers vintage cars. Speaking of impressive things about this model is its price.

Her Bentley Continental was customized by West Coast Customs, who set the price for this model at about k dollars. This particular model is speculated to cost about half a million dollars. Because of that, a special permit is needed to make a road car. On top of that, the car is pretty safe, which is one of the concerns the Canadian singer had in mind. Known for her unsuccessful singing career and her rather successful sex tape, Paris Hilton is the owner of a pink Bentley.

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The problem is that not everyone has enough money to do that. It is reported that Wyclef Jean had to cash out about k dollars to become the owner of this ride. It allows it to develop an impressive speed, making it one of the fastest cars in the world. When it comes to its performances, the car is one of the greatest supercars of our era, especially among hybrids.

You would probably do the same