This case does not have casters

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It reacts to your pick attack as well as anything I've played. Ships in original box with manual. The new blackface models overlapped the Silverfaces and both series were available during this run. Personally, I love these amps and it is one of the definitive studio amps, that's easily adaptable to any stage setting.

It has improved my lead skills tremendously, just working through the or so songs and patches. Budda hand-wired amps remain some of the best values on the market, and one of the few that weren't clones of Fender or Marshall. It is the most natural sounding reverb you'll find on a combo. This was a wonderful-sounding Premier B Club Bass, an especially good sounding Blues amp for guitar.

Brand new condition with original

Grill cloth and tolex are in very clean shape. It's barely used and very clean shape cosmetically. Cab is in typical used condition with a few tears to the tolex on back, but looks pretty good from the audience perspective. Performance is perfect, pots have been cleaned and it sounds fantastic.

The preamp tubes and power supply circuitry are on the circuit card, while the power tubes and transformer are mounted direct to the chassis. Brand new condition with original box and manual.

The preamp tubes and power

This unit is in beautiful shape, other than some discoloration to the grill cloth and seems to work perfectly. Other than some black paint along the bottom edge of the back panel, this amp is in nice shape with clean panels and covering - definitely nice shape for an which are notorious for road wear. If that's not evidence enough, Eric Johnson uses a G-Dec as his backstage amp and hotel room practice amp. Epiphone Valve Junior Combo. The K Spot is built with ultra lightweight year-old pine.

You don't have to spend a lot of time dialing in your tone. The only noteworthy flaw I've noted is slight oxidation to the polished brass handle shown here. The cabinet is carpet covered with heavy duty side handles, a fan located on the side, and plastic corners. Cosmetically it's very clean with the worst flaws being some corrosion to the straps and handle caps on top, and some minor finish reaction on the panel. The choice of many studio pro's and top touring acts, they make great touring amps, over W, in various enclosures, all the way down to some small practice amps in their Nemesis series.

This set appears to have sat, un-used, for nearly its entire life. The watt power amplifier, mounted to the bottom of the amp cabinet, is from the Royal Guardsman. Unfortunately, it's wired or V, V, V, and V, so you'll need a step-down transformer to use it. Oh man, what a monster this baby is. Both are very solidly constructed with comparable transformers and other components and point-to-point soldering.

This Bass is a good example. If you're going to play in a club, be prepared to use an attenuator. Perfect tone is its preset.

The distortion never gets muddy or too fuzzy, just a very fat, with plenty of harmonics. It features line or instrument level output, allowing you to run into another amp's guitar input, power amp in, mixing console, etc. Personally, I think it would be a pretty cool project to transform it into a guitar amp. The watt Verbmaster was one of Jeff's hand-wired prior to the sale this one's a model.

Also included on the back panel is an external line mains fuse. The reverb is noteworthy and in the style of the old Fender outboard reverbs features Dwell, Mix, and Tone. Fairly rare model and a good value in a vintage Vox combo.