Update the account settings

Blackberry not updating read emails

For example, the messaging server name may now be mail. Interestingly, doing this process, cleaned up the Inbox on my Bold to match Outlook. As expected, the message arrived in both my Outlook and BlackBerry Inbox.

Delete or modify any email message filters that do not allow delivery. There are large email messages in the Inbox for the integrated email account.

Update the account settings

Type the email address without the password to access the advanced integration screen. If you recently changed an account password, make sure that you update the password in the Accounts settings on your BlackBerry device. On the flip side, if I open or delete an email message on the Bold, it does reconcile within Outlook. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.

On the home screen, swipe right to open the BlackBerry Hub. None of these options resolved the issue. Type the remaining information, including the password. The email messages for the integrated email account are being stored in a place other than the root folder of the Inbox on the messaging server.

If you're not in a

If you're not in a wireless coverage area, you should receive messages when you return to a wireless coverage area. Update the account settings. If you use a work account that is supported by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your administrator might not allow you to send text messages, but you might still be able to receive text messages. As a follow-up test, I created a new email message in Outlook and sent to myself.