Its much faster and more reliable

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This is not a company I want to do business with. Imagine paying for something and you can't use it. Today it takes too much of the space of the harddrive. No problem, I disabled system restore.

Nero Media Hub will not let me create a play list easily the way Nero Showtime did. It burns ok until finalizing the disc, then fails.

They won't give you your money back. It's a giant, system-raping mess. In Media Hub I first have to scan my entire hard drive for media. Nero's customer support contact forms do not allow you to use contractions.

The software is too bloated, too buggy, and grown too expensive for what it actually accomplishes. After that point, I attempted to install it again. The only way to defeat such greed is to refuse to buy their product.

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ImgBurn is the way to go these days. Shame Nero used to be my goto dvd burner.

With more features then the other Burning apps. Quick and got the job done easily.

Imagine paying for something and

Yes, I have updated Windows and all the drivers for the laptop. They're just a cheap copycat of Nero simply for the sake of being competition. Nero does not perform returns and refunds. There are options to decide which items to install.

It is still being updated, and Nero's servers absolutely suck. As for the bloat, well, I simply choose not to install anything but the burner itself at installation, that's all. He's really annoyed, to put it lightly. Not the fault of Ahead or Nero, but as media files now can be played in.