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So want to go sailing on a really lovely yacht, your age is not relevant Romance optional contact me. However would rather be on my own if the chemistry is not right. As you can imagine It can be quite lonely sometimes. Just want to meet some fun individuals who I can get along with, chat with and meet up with.

Now with Internet dating, you can see photos and profiles and chat immediately on the computer. Would love to meet some new people as I don't know anyone here at the moment. We bought a plot of land and one of the largest developers in Moraira started to build our house.

Life can be very tough and it would be lovely to share that life with a thoughtful generous companion with a good sense of humour. This pressure is very hard to deal with and rightly or wrongly it can be that people turn on each other to vent their frustrations. We are talking here in the most amazing location.

Now with Internet datingWould love to meet some

My ideal partner will be one who enjoys her femininity being recognised and who expects the old fashioned manners and courtesies of a devoted partner. And travel back to England occasionally to see my daughter and grand daughter.

Certainly there is a growing number of single expats in Spain. To have her own space at times, and to enjoy working playing together at others. My first step was to go on an inspection trip to the Torrevieja area.