This version offers a quick fix

Armory wow not updating

An indication that a glyph

An indication that a glyph eventually will be learnable by one of your characters is now added to its tooltip. Included updated Russian translations. Reagent item count has been added to tooltips. Aura updates are now suppressed while in combat.

Some other minor code changes. Loosened up recipe comparison because learned and unlearned names may differ. Added support for LinkWrangler.

Tried to get rid of some taint issues. Extra configuration options added. Included updated French and Korean translations. This article or section contains information that is out-of-date.

Totals have been added for item counts. Changes are made to prevent chat message hooks by other add-ons from failing e.

The color of the item counts can now be changed. Those who experience incompatibilties with other add-ons can fall back to the simple list view see Modules options. Character and realm names are now shown in a group label in an overall inventory list view. Equipment has been added as a separate container in the inventory list view.

Included updated Russian translations

Tooltips in the find window are now shown instantly. Holding in turn that Education can take a few on to altogether positive data.

Outdated articles Blizzard Entertainment. Added tooltips in summary sheet for weekly maximum conquest and valor points. Bag names of the current character were used for all bags when viewing all characters in the inventory. Comparison tooltips are now fully shown. An option has been added to warn if there may be unnoticed mail.