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When something is made into a vapor, it may even become invisible. Three years after joining the General Farm, Lavoisier married Marie Anne Paulze, the year-old daughter of a member of the Farm with whom he worked. The Elements and Chemical Nomenclature Lavoisier spent a lot of time isolating elements and breaking down chemical compounds. He got his degree in and practised law at the parliament.

They hoped that by first identifying the properties of simple substances they would then be able to construct theories to explain the properties of compounds. The Republic was being purged of its royalist past. Career Lavoisier never did practice law because he found science much more interesting.

In the s the Scottish chemist Joseph Black demonstrated experimentally that the air fixed in certain reactions is chemically different from common air. But he really preferred scientific research to law. In the original memoir Lavoisier showed that the mercury calx was a true metallic calx in that it could be reduced with charcoal, giving off Black's fixed air in the process.

Although plausible, this theory raised a number of problems for those who wished to explain chemical reactions in terms of substances that could be isolated and measured. But, two years later, a new government arrived in power. He was executed for alleged fraud in the aftermath of the French Revolution.

Much of his research

Lavoisier was posthumously pardoned soon after his execution. He invented a system of naming chemical compounds that were made up of multiple elements.

Thus, for instance, if a piece of wood is burned to ashes, the total mass remains unchanged. However, he continued his scientific education in his spare time. As a youth he exhibited an unusual studiousness and concern for the public good. But the question remained about whether it was combination with common atmospheric air or with only a part of atmospheric air.

He had inherited a good deal of money when his mother died and was able to live as a nobleman, pursuing various interests. Black wanted to know why slaked quicklime hydrated calcium oxide was neutralized when exposed to the atmosphere. He was very successful in his efforts, and he made a very large impact on the field. This was the first chemistry textbook.

Pneumatic chemistry The chemistry Lavoisier studied as a student was not a subject particularly noted for conceptual clarity or theoretical rigour. He discovered that, although matter may change its form or shape, its mass always remains the same. Such an emphasis suited his determination to elevate chemistry to the level of a rigorous science. He was killed by guillotine. In the laboratory she often recorded results that the experimenters dictated to her, and when Lavoisier announced his new theories she played an active role in campaigning for their acceptance.

One tactic to enhance the wide acceptance of his new theory was to propose a related method of naming chemical substances. Much of his research was done on combustion. Its fundamentals remain the method of chemical nomenclature in use today. He worked as commissioner of the French Gunpowder Commission for many years.