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It's Daniel, who needs to talk to him. She felt suffocated with Miriam there and she fears that he still feels the same about her despite his declarations of love. She asks if it was true that he and Ileana went out to make her jealous and he tells her it's true. She immediately liberates the document and happily announces to Cayetonto that he is free and now they can get married.

Outside in the drive, Luz Maria and Pie run into each other and chat. He exits, leaving Teresa and Mauricio in the waiting room. The lawyer arrives with the brown envelope, which Hissadora snatches out of his hand.

Rodolfo promises to and promises the help of the other men. In the meantime, Viv and Rafa suggest not telling Daniel the news because it could upset him even more. This just wasn't meant to be. The timing of his arrival on the day they returned from their honeymoon was deliberate so as to not allow them any reaction time. She takes a picture with her cell phone.

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He asks her to spend a bit of time with him and Ana. Piedad tells him that Mayelin is waiting for him in the study and Luzma sends him there, saying not to keep her waiting since she was there for them. He's had so much to do today. But, your mother and Dio are extremely dangerous, warns Xi.

Despite Mariano's attempt at calming her down she becomes hysterical. He tells her the situation is temporary because their love is indestructible. Daniel tells Camila to be extra careful around El Diablo. It will also help you to verify the identity of members. She was having anxiety attacks at the concept of marriage.

Mariano runs into Camila by the pond. The two extend a few other niceties and then get down to bidnez. The Court's level of judicial activity has remained very high to date. Mariano hopes so as he calls Mauricio over and explains that the house will need to be modified to have wheelchair ramps and a bathroom suitable for his mother.

He is leaving the bigger part of himself behind with Camila. Daniel says he doesn't want to leave but if he stays the situation will be unbearable for him as well. Downtown at the police station, Becerra and Piedad introduce themselves to Comandante Juarez. The virus is extremely dangerous and must not be touched directly. Miriam has of course noticed that Daniel has endeared himself to others and that he had her from the get-go.

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