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She loves doing cardio and runs a lot but her favourite cardio exercise is jumping rope as it tones her, makes her flexible and keeps her looking lean. Erin Heatherton Opposed to focusing on just working out a specific part of her body, American Angel Erin Heatherton focuses on training her whole body.

In terms of food, she follows the Blood Type Diet. Adriana Lima trains with Olajide three times a week at Aerospace. To keep in such great shape, she works with her personal trainer Justin Gelband. To keep her figure, she works with Michael Olajide, a former boxing champion and the co-founder of Aerospace High Performance Centre in Manhattan.

There are plenty of other healthy and less radical alternatives. When she has an upcoming modelling show, Adriana Lima stops eating solid foods and only intakes liquid. The models that grace the catwalk on behalf of the brand are famed around the world and are from around the world and, like the brand they represent, many of them are also household names.

Alessandra Ambrosio With a body that any woman would envy, Brazilian Amessandra Ambrosio is undeniably one of the hottest women on the planet. Mostly, she tries to focus on working her butt and arms and does this by doing exercises such as sliders, Pilates and boxing.

She enjoys few things more than surfing and paddle boarding. This means she stays in control of her cravings. Amessandra Ambrosio also works out with elastic bands, ankle weights and performs capoeira. She works out four times per week her her personal trainer but also loves to run and practices yoga. Both sent in pictures, and the contest sponsor soon asked Lima to come out for the competition.

She enjoys few things moreThis means she stays in control

This is extremely radical and not something to be recommend to anyone as it is highly dangerous. Miranda Kerr To keep her gorgeous figure, Miranda Kerr likes to do a mix of ballet, pilates and yoga. Instead of sticking to a rigid diet, she allows herself to eat all her favourite foods, two of which are pizza and pasta.

Eleven years ago she began her modelling journey by choosing to get into shape. Together they work on boxing and also Pilates to keep her in shape. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me. Hire supermodel Adriana Lima to star in it. It is believed to be the first time a Super Bowl commercial premiered in movie theaters.

She keeps her figure by working out four to five times per week. In terms of what Amessandra Ambrosio eats, she pretty much eats whatever she wants. Adriana is a new take on the supermodel - she's from a different era.

Depending on what work she has coming up, her workout may vary. Due to her success rate with the company, the European and Russian branch of Mavi decided to make her the global face of the brand. Valentine's Day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She was also featured in November's Miracle Bra relaunch. After this show, I become normal again.